Case Study - Littleport May Farm Project

A new A.D. Plant and Mushroom Farm are under construction at May Farm, Littleport for Shropshire Energy (UK) Ltd.

Once commissioned the A.D. plant fuelled from vegetable waste and locally grown maize will generate around 2.4 megawatts of green energy to supply firstly a new mushroom farm on the site with the spare capacity being sold back into the national grid.

At an early stage of the design process Consents Solutions were commissioned to undertake a full route proving exercise to look at the route to the site from the existing local electricity network. The DNO had provided a point of connection which entailed a crossing of both the Kings Lynn to Cambridge railway line and the Great River Ouse. Both of these crossings would require high levels of cost and more importantly long lead in times with the current operators to gain consent.

In partnership with our recognised partners the connection point was challenged resulting in a reduced circuit length at a cost benefit to the end user of £450,00,00 over the initial cost.

Consents Solutions working with the preferred I. D. N. O. delivered the scheme to the customers time scales by

  1. Maximising the route options.
  2. Working as part of the delivery team to assist the design and construction process.
  3. Obtain all of the necessary third party consents including River and Internal Drainage Board Consents.
  4. Provided the environmental resource to ensure all environmental issues were managed to time and cost.
  5. Ensured the customer was aware of the very latest information to assist them with the overall programme.
  6. Worked with the local D.N.O to deliver the required legal consents for access to the intake position providing a 24 hour access to the site for operational purposes.
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