Securing planning permission for your utility project on your behalf

Securing your planning consent for a utility or renewables installation or project can be extremely challenging due to many factors such as the site of the proposed project, public support or lack of or accessibility etc.

Richard and Bob specialise in this area and have years of experience in submitting applications for these types of projects successfully.

Key Areas:

  • Strategy and tactics planning
  • Obtain leases or purchase land
  • Application preparation
  • Liasing with interested parties
  • Public consultation meetings
  • Negotiating planning consents at scope & pre-scope stages
  • Involved with planning appeals/ legal challenges
  • Procure necessary licences
  • Planning Inspectorate applications
  • Settling land damage claims

What we will do for you:

Typically this part of the project involves strategy and tactics planning, preparing the applications, liasing with local authority planning officers, interested parties and public consultations, negotiating planning consents, and being part of planning appeals/ legal challenges.

Power Lines Running Through Field

As part of the project management we will procure on your behalf utility standard easements and wayleaves for overhead lines or underground cables etc and relevant licences such as Drainage Board or Environment Agency consents.

The Inspectorate, set up as part of the evolved Planning Act 2008, relates to development consent for proposed infrastructure projects deemed to be Nationally Significant (NSIP’s). We are experienced in applications for schemes of this nature should it be required for your project.

Land Leases and Purchases:

Having identified the optimum, cost beneficial route for your utility or renewables project, it is sometimes necessary to obtain leases or purchase land as the most cost effective means of achieving that route.

What we can do for you:

Negotiate the sale or lease on your behalf for specific sites.

Settling Land Damage Claims:

After permission has been secured for your project and during/after construction there will inevitably be damage claims to be settled as a consequence of the work. We will deal with the valuation of losses or damage by negotiating with land owners / land agents to reach a fair and reasonable settlement on your behalf.

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