Ensuring that your project deals with it's Environmental impact in a compliant and timely way

Environmental Considerations fall under two main headings, Ecology and Archaeology

Environmental Considerations Key Area:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Screening applications
  • Scoping discussions
  • Specialist research/studies
  • Environmental Statements
  • Subsequent and supplementary material
  • Liaise with relevant archaeological parties
  • Land structure considerations

For Utility Infrastructure Projects there are statutory requirements for the consideration of all these issues; we can ensure that your project deals with these in a compliant and timely way.


Ecology mainly concerns the undertaking of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and is a specialist and complex area as far as planning consent is concerned. It is part of our job as consents acquisition project manager to ensure that the material submitted is acceptable for your planning application and just as importantly, to ensure you comply with your corporate environmental responsibility.

Environmental Considerations

What we will do for you:

An EIA is not always necessary, however when one is warranted one or more of our environmental specialists such as Richard, will advise accordingly. Typically the production of an EIA involves us making screening applications, engaging in scoping discussions with the relevant planning authority and third parties, undertaking specialist research/studies (such as nesting bird or bat surveys), accumulating information for Environmental Statements and then communicating with your planning authority regarding subsequent and supplementary material.

We are also happy to be involved in the preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessments, Appropriate Assessments, and Sustainability Appraisals, where appropriate.

It is essential for your utility or renewable installation success that it is a project which supports society and your business in a sustainable, positive way. When identifying the route for your project, aims always under consideration are how to make the project acceptable to the public, the environment and anyone else affected. This is to enhance your reputation, assist you in meeting business and financial goals and by paying regard to these, decrease the potential for public or planning objections thereby potentially minimising the cost of planning consent.

For comprehensive environmental advice call the team
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Archaeology relates to identifying sites and producing creative solutions around potentially difficult obstructions to your planned route.

What we will do for you:

We will liaise on your behalf with relevant parties such as English Heritage, County Councils or land owners to negotiate a suitable outcome.

Once permission is received for your utility or renewable installation, if a site of archaeological importance/protected site is to be crossed or worked around, we will also communicate with the Archaeology Watching Brief to ensure all parties are satisfied with the construction work.

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