Route identification is at the core of any utility or renewable installation project

Identifying the optimum route for you is essential for cost and risk minimisation and with our years of industry learnt experience; we can work to a timescale with accuracy.

Route Identification Key Areas:

  • Produce your feasibility study
  • Negotiate land issues
  • Obtain road, rail and river consents
  • Environment Agency consents acquisition
  • Research and report on environmentally sensitive areas
  • Provide solutions for sites of historical importance

Being able to apply our knowledge to your project benefits you in that the route is likely to be the most cost effective and practical to build.

Route Identification Survey

What we will do for you:

Whilst producing the feasibility study for you we will have automatically taken into account land issues which you may have perceived as obstructions, and advised on the need for landowner consents and consents for river, road and railway crossings, protected species and habitats, environmentally sensitive areas and land of historical importance etc.

Photo shows looking at the possibility of crossing a main drain and bridge and the difficulties presented with at that location. During the route identification survey we were looking at what ground cover exists at the bridge, the construction of the bridge and what depth exists between ground level and the top of the bridge.

As part of the consents process project management, all the above issues will all be taken care of on your behalf providing peace of mind. We will be at your side throughout the project, attending Infrastructure Planning meetings for example so that we can assist with queries arising from our feasibility study; we will arrange and conduct meetings for public consultations and represent you at these meetings.

For projects of over thirty day’s duration we can appoint a CDM Coordinator to comply with the Construction/Design regulations. This ensures that your project will be legally compliant with all rules and regulations. The CDM Coordinator will work as part of our team to ensure successful project completion.

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